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Fox Pie

When I was a kid, sometimes after dinner we would make something called Fox Pie. This involved passing a pie pan around the table and having everyone put a leftover from their plate into it. My dad's family used to do this and I guess they would put the pan out for the fox. We didn't put it out for the foxes, but it was fun making a yucky mess in the pie pan.

I thought of Fox Pie when I went to set the GameCam up at the land tonight. I was trying to put something out that a critter couldn't just pick up and run away with. I also wanted to have things to draw different animals. So on the ground in front of the camera I put out some cat kibble, some old cheese, some grape jelly and a mango that was past its prime.

Hopefully there's something there that the critters will like and hopefully the camera is aimed at the right spot.
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