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They're Baaaack!

Last week I scavenged a rain barrel someone was throwing away. At the bottom, it has a pipe to hook up to another rain barrel. The pipe either needed to be capped or connected to a pipe. I wanted to get the barrel set up this afternoon in hopes that Tropical Storm Edouard would help to fill it. So I went to Lowe's where an I'll-help-you-little-lady type of salesman picked out a connector and a hose that he said would fit. But when I got to the land I discovered the hose he sold me didn't fit the connector he sold me (but it did fit the rain barrel). So I went to Home Depot where a nice guy who didn't think he knew everything helped me pick out a connector that would fit both the rain barrel and the hose.

I went back to the house and put some cement blocks down to set the rain barrel on, but the ground wasn't level, so I went around behind the house to the barn to get the maddox. As I headed back toward the rain barrel, I discovered a broken board and an open window at the back of the house. I promptly called 9-1-1. Two nice cops came and checked the house. Nothing seemed to be taken or damaged. By then it was dark. The cops hung out while I quickly did a half-assed job finishing up the rain barrel (I didn't bother to level it, but it should be OK).

I called the yard hippie and he said he'd head home soon and that he would replace the board tomorrow.

Here I was thinking the bad guys had finally gotten bored and wandered off.

And it looks like Edouard isn't going to bring us any rain at all.
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