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Pay Attention To Attention

G and I went out to the land today. It was beautiful. The oak trees are doing really well, I think I fixed the rain barrel and I got some nice bug pictures. I also saw the hawk up close. His feathers are dark brown with a reddish tint and maybe a black stripe. If course, after spending five minutes sneaking up on him, he took off and I discovered I had forgotten to take the camera off of its manual settings. Oh well, it was really cool to see him so close.

Then I checked the back of the house where the bad guy tried to break in last week. The window was fine, but when he was breaking in, in addition to opening the window, he'd also pried the door of the utility room part way off of its hinges. Today when I went back there I found a long heavy metal bar by the door. It was about six feet long and it looked like it might have been from part of a bed frame. I locked it in the house and then I tried to knock the door back in place. At first I was being really careful because there were hornets all around there. Then I forgot about the hornets and started banging harder and harder until one of the hornets stung me on the back of my wrist. I yelled, stuck it in my mouth and ran over to the truck where I had some Sting Kill (ammonia and a local anesthetic). I rubbed the Sting Kill on the sting and it really made it hurt less.

Then we got milkshakes and came home.

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