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McCain Got The Wrong Palin! [Sep. 8th, 2008|04:07 pm]
Wizard of Changes -- ©cdozo 2004 to 2015

[User Picture]From: dinahprincedaly
2008-09-09 03:17 am (UTC)
uh-oh... it says this video is no longer available... wonder what the story is
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[User Picture]From: dinahprincedaly
2008-09-09 03:48 am (UTC)

hee heeeeeeee

yup--got it
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[User Picture]From: curculio
2008-09-09 10:59 pm (UTC)

That wasn't very funny

Let me catch my breath. There I'm better. No, I can't go on.......

Well, I'm back. You can't go wrong with a circus is my belief. After all, that is what those conventions seem to imply.
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[User Picture]From: viverra2
2008-09-10 02:20 am (UTC)


worked fine for me -- maybe the server couldn't handle the demand.

"poke her with the soft cushion!"
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