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Bang, Bang, Shoot, Shoot

This week's problem out at the land is hunters. It's hunting season for, I think, some kind of waterfowl. The hunters may or my not be allowed to hunt down by the river (game warden says they are, cops say they aren't), but even if they are allowed to hunt, they must stay close to the rivwerbank. Unfortunately they tend to get sidetracked and wander away from the riverbank, and up toward the house shooting their guns off here and there as they go.

I got so pissed off at them the other day that I called the cops. People were shooting quite close to the good house . The cops set off (in their cars) to try and stop them, but I left before I could tell if they succeeded.

Two funny moments: 1) me telling the 9-1-1 operator not to get too freaked out. It wasn't bad guys this time, it was only hunters (yes I know their shotgun blasts can still kill me, but it's probably not the hunter's main intent) and 2) one of the cops was thinking of hiking into the brush to find the hunters so I offered him some snake gators. He said it can't be that bad and pointing at my feet he asked are those snake boots? When I said yes he reached down to feel the top of my boot through my pants. He was really surprised that I actually had snake boots on. The other cops all laughed nervously.
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