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Mr. Fox Discovers A Trampoline [Oct. 25th, 2008|09:36 am]
Wizard of Changes -- ©cdozo 2004 to 2015
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[User Picture]From: ndozo
2008-10-25 05:41 pm (UTC)
What do you think it was thinking? I wonder if it liked the twoingoingoing sound of trampoline, or if it has ear mites or fleas and the smooth surface seemed comforting. Foxes move so slinkily and strange. I was hoping it was going to start bouncing. Maybe next time. My friend said that in England, the foxes are like raccoons are here. They go into the garbage cans and some of them follow people around begging for food.
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[User Picture]From: e_moon60
2008-10-26 02:19 am (UTC)
That is SO cute. That fox knows things about the yard (and neighborhood) the people don't.
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[User Picture]From: dinahprincedaly
2008-10-26 02:36 pm (UTC)
there must have been some pretty mighty good smells on that trampoline... it seems to be trying to get the scent all over itself... or maybe there is some primal thing about bouncing... it does look like a young pup and did your kid ever have one of those jolly jumpers? you know the way babies could bounce in those hanging bungie chairs and giggle forever?
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[User Picture]From: matildasmom
2008-11-01 03:33 am (UTC)
I love it!
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