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Let Barking Dogs Lie

G and I were at the land today. It was dark by the time we left. The road out is still wooded and feels very isolated. We were almost to the highway when we heard a dog barking. For a minute it seemed normal, but then the barking got much louder really fast and it didn't sound friendly.  I sped up and the dog sped up. So I stopped fast and honked the horn and the barking stopped. We didn't open the windows or the doors but we looked around and didn't see the dog. So I turned around and stopped partway down the street and we just sat there. After a while a medium-sized black and white dog wandered into the road.

I didn't want to mess with a strange dog at night. But we plan to go back and look for it tomorrow. In the meantime it's away from the highway in a safe spot.

I'm pretty sure the reason it chased the truck like that was that it was asleep by the road and we scared it when we drove by. When we saw it walking it just looked tired and sad.
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