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I don't feel well. I'm all achy and my stomach hurts. I'm fairly sure it's from sore muscles because I planted some stuff at the land, but it feels preflu like.

I also think I might have pulled a muscle or something. I was pulling the cart, loaded with water, downhill and it got away from me. I caught it but decided to let it go because it was too heavy. I think that in the instant I tried to catch the cart, I pulled a muscle in my belly. There's a specific sore spot that's been hurting the same amount in the same place since yesterday evening.

So I'm pretty sure what I have is general muscle stiffness and a pulled muscle. At least I hope that's what it is. Whatever it is, I feel really crummy.

I planted a wildflower I don't have a picture of, and I also planted:

Purple Sage
Purple Sage

and a Passionflower.

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