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Warming Up

I finally have heat. When the cold weather finally got to Austin earlier this week I turned the thermostat on, but the heat didn't start.

Last year, for reasons that will remain unspoken, the pilot light was out on the gas furnace. So I went up in the attic and lit it. I'd lit it a couple of times before and, aside from the hassle of getting up in the attic, it's no big deal. But last year, after I lit the pilot, I went down and turned the thermostat on and there was a loud BOOM! that shook the house. I cautiously climbed the ladder and peeked in the attic. There was no fire or damage, so I went up and turned the gas to the furnace off. I called and asked my landlady's husband to check it out. He went up, lit the pilot and the heater worked fine.

This year I had reason to believe that the pilot light was lit. But when I set the thermostat to heat, and turned it on, nothing happened. Since I believe in the power of inanimate objects to heal themselves, I tried again a couple of times during the weekend. Then I asked my landlady's husband to go up and check the heater. I figure if somebody's going to blow the house up, it won't be me. So he went up and discovered that the pilot light was out. It wasn't my fault this time, really! He lit it and now the heat works.

It feels good not to be all bundled up.
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