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Tiny Horses Under There

I love this kind of dialogue. This is from the 1990's TV show Highlander which I've been watching on Hulu.com.  In today's episode the main character, an Immortal named Duncan, has just rescued another Immortal, a woman who's been trapped in a sarcaphogous for 2000 years. He's trying to get her to get into his car before they are discovered.

She balks at the car door and says, "What's that?"

Duncan replies, "It's kind of a chariot."

Still refusing to get in she asks, "But where are the horses?"

Duncan points at the hood and says, "They're under there."

She give him a look that says, what kind of a fool do you think I am.

Exasperated, and in a huge rush to get her out of there, Duncan says, "They're real tiny...I promise you'll be safe."

And reluctantly, with obvious reservations, she climbs into the car.

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