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What A Bad Way To Start My Day

Why the eff' do people put up websites like this when there is no actual company and product to back it up? Don't they know how mean it is to get people's hopes up? They made me cry.

I really thought I had found finally found the answer this time. They even claim to be based in Austin. But the very nice man who has the phone number listed on the website has never heard of them.

I'll keep trying to get in touch with them, but I have a feeling it's going to be another time-wasting dead end. Too bad. This is such an elegant solution.

From http://www.grohome.com/products.php:

The groHome™ "do it yourself" incremental building system is ideal for homes, cabins, and a variety of utility structures. Our components are 'plug and play' for systematic "grow it yourself" (GIY) assembly and retrofit capability for expansion or upgrade. We utilize green (energy efficient/environmentally sound) materials, simplified assembly, and optimal product lifecycle design to create a highly energy efficient and sustainable structure. This "GIY" system allows you to build your own home without the need for costly onsite trade professionals, heavy equipment or creating construction debris.

With a typical site built home you purchase based on "future space needs" and your mortgage is based on your current financial wherewithal, with a groHome™ you can build and finance based on your current needs and income "pay as you grow" literally saving you well over a $100,000 on a typical 30 year $100,000 mortgage.

* groHome™ Features:

* Standardized components for easy transport and simplified assembly

* Green energy efficient materials

* Pay as your grow

* Plug and play components for electrical and plumbing

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