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Be Careful What You Wish For

The owners of the Jayco trailer are meeting us at the RV dealer at 9 this morning. The dealer will give the trailer a through going over: pressurize all the tanks, run all the motors, look for leaks and such. There is an RV park on the dealer's lot. After checking out the trailer, the RV people will park the trailer in an RV spot, open all the slides and hook it up. G and I will sleep in it tonight.

If it passes all these tests, the owners will drive it out to the land tomorrow.

I could barely sleep last night. I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve. Not a fantasy kid in a book, but the real thing. I woke up about every half hour. "Will I get all I want? Will I like what I get? What if what I get is awful? Oh no! It will be so cool! But what if it's broken! I can't wait! Oh no oh no oh no. It's almost here! But, but, but..."

By this time next week, I'll know if I did the right thing.
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