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Progress Report

We like the trailer so far. It's quite spacious and comfortable.

There are two main complications. First it has some damage high up on the front where it hit something. The repair will not be covered under the warranty and it will cost about $700. If it's not fixed the trailer will get water damage. The second thing is that it's really dirty and needs to be thoroughly cleaned. The sellers don't want to clean it or pay to have it cleaned. I offered to split the cost of having it detailed here at the RV place. They are thinking it over and will tell me tomorrow.

On the plus side, both G and I really like being in it. G was dubious at first. But we've had a fine time eating, watching TV, making popcorn and exploring all the cupboards . We opened all the windows except one that sticks (it's on my list to get fixed) and the air flow is pretty good. We had to close them because it got too cold. In addition, I proved that the queen-sized bed actually is a queen-sized bed because the double-bed sheets I brought don't fit on it.

I do smell the toilet disinfectant a bit. So when/if I buy it, I think I might try to put in a solar powered fan to draw the smell out through the bathroom vent.

Here's a picture of G watching TV:

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