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Step By Step

I got some important paperwork done today. But I've lost all my checks, so I don't have access to my money and it's pissing me off.

The electrician's helpers should be at the land at tomorrow to start working on getting power to the well house. It's a good thing I paid the electrician half in advance, because right at the moment I can't pay anyone anything. I dug up some coins in the truck and bought some Gatorade to offer the workers. I wish it was lemonade. When I worked as a landscaper, we had this one customer who always brought us a pitcher of fresh lemonade. It was so sweet of her, I really appreciated it. I want to be as nice as she was. But Gatorade was all I can afford for now, so that's what I have for them. I'll bring it out to the land in a cooler with ice and offer it to them after they've been working a couple of hours.

While they are working on the electricity, I'll be working on the trailer. I'm going to make the AstroTurf "lawn" first. I think that will be all for tomorrow because it's going to be really hot. After the lawn, the next thing will be to clean the trailer. I found a carpet sweeper but I still need a broom and dustpan. I have the big broom, I just need a little one.

I'm going to be glad when all this is done and I can relax out there without feeling guilty.
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