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A trench has been dug, conduit put down and wire laid. Today power should be turned on and the inspector should sign off on the work. Then the wires will be connected and the well will be hooked up.

They did hook a generator to the well pump yesterday and water squirted out. So the pump works.

On the trailer end of things, I got the AstroTurf down. It  wasn''t big enough, so I need another piece. It doesn't look as good as I had hoped, but it does the job. You can get in and out of the trailer without stepping in mud or poison ivy.

Today I'm going out to the land to wait for the inspector and the turn-the-power-on person. While I wait, I'll be cleaning the inside of the trailer.

I also talked tot the electrician about getting power to the trailer. It won't be as hard or as expensive as I thought. So I'll probably do it.

On another note, I have a temporary fix for the check problem. So the weekend won't be a total bust.
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