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Look, It's Her!

Yesterday after the contractors left, I went for a walk in the rain on the road to the land. A little ways down from the driveway, it widens and there's a field on either side. When I got there, there was a big SUV stuck in the mud with a hooker at the wheel and her frustrated john trying to push it out. They had succeeded in digging the back wheels in a bit and where clearly working on burying them as she spun the wheels and he pushed and pushed to no avail.

They stopped when they saw me. I went over to her and told her to put it in second gear and step very gently on the gas so the wheels would turn slowly. Then the guy and I pushed. He was barefoot (he'd kicked off his flip-flops) and barely had any traction, but I had my snake boots on so I could get a firm grip. We rocked the SUV a couple of times and it got traction and slithered onto the road. She turned to me and said, "We got out because a woman helped us. A woman knew how to get us out. It was a woman. Thank you."

I smiled and told her you're welcome and then I warned her to stay away from that area because there was a crazy woman down the road who would come after people if she caught them there. Her eyes got wide and she said very seriously, "I've heard about her."

The fearful look on her face was so funny that I said, "Yeah...well...I'm her."

For a moment she looked me up and down. Then a look of recognition came into her eyes and she said to the guy, "Look! Look she has the camouflage pants on! Look! It's her!  It's really her! Look the camouflage! Look!"

It was so funny. I felt like someone from a myth.

Then she thanked me again and they drove off.

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