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A Cool Movie And A Cool Bug

Star Trek was good. I liked the beginning best and the rest was entertaining. The plot wasn't what I expected which was kind of refreshing. The references to the show, and the development of the character's stories were good. Overall, I'd give it a 7 out of 10. First off I didn't like that the guy cadets wore sensible uniforms and the girls wore tight miniskirts. Second I didn't find James T. Kirk very Kirk-like. For the most part, I could see how the other characters might grow up to be their TV Star Trek selves, but I had trouble seeing that in this Kirk, maybe in part because the actor reminded me of Hayden Christensen and that was distracting. But it didn't really matter, the movie was fun and I'm glad I saw it. I also really like the Alamo on South Lamar because the food tastes really good and they have stadium seating so no one can block my view of the screen.

Below are some pictures from the land. They are of a Tortoise Beetle Larva, probably an Eggplant Tortoise Beetle larva. I would never have figured that out, but Rich is here and he knew it was a Tortoise Beetle larva because that's what they look like. He thinks it's an Eggplant Tortoise Beetle larva because of the plant it was sitting on. Thanks Rich! I also dragged him out to see the mutant mulberry tree near the land. He agreed it was a puzzle. But then, when we got home, he solved it almost right away. I'll post what he found soon. But not tonight, I'm too tired. Here's the beetle larva. Enjoy.

Tortoise Beetle

Tortoise Beetle Larva

Tortoise Beetle Larva

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