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Catching Up Is Hard To Do...

I woke up feeling OK today. I'm a bit tired from being sick, but I'm trying to play catch-up. The truck's at the shop having its oil changed and getting looked over. Hopefully they won't find anything wrong.

After that I have to go to the land and move stuff from Nippy's camper to the trailer and vice versa. Then I come back home to clean and pack the camper.

There's a conflict. The neighborhood wide garage sale is Saturday. It's usually well advertised and tons of people come. We usually make well over $100 and one year we made $300. As we've cleaned, we've been setting aside stuff to sell. But now I'm supposed to be in the Land Rush line at Kerrville Friday night. This is a huge conflict. I'm hoping this is our last May, and thus our last yard sale, at this house. I'm going to try and work this out.

Here's a picture of a weird looking bug that was on the walkway of my rent house last weekend. It was about an inch long. Someone over at BugGuide says they think it's a Soldier Fly larva. I checked, and it does look like one except they seem to have legs where my guy didn't, and their bodies are smooth but my guy seemed to be hairy. It probably is a soldier fly, but I'm going to keep checking for a bit to make sure.

Maybe A Bagworm
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