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Frustrating Problem And A Possible Soloution

Tuesday night G informed me that his school band's water park field trip, that had been canceled earlier in the year due to the swine flu situation, had been rescheduled for this Saturday, which is the first Saturday of Kerrville. Then he decided not to go, then he decided to go. So he needs to be here, but I really don't want to miss Kerrville. It's quite important to me.

I've been trying to find a babysitter, but it's hard because most of the people I know will be at Kerrville. I think I may have found one. My landlady's husband, Fabion, said he would do it. It would be kind of cool, 'cause G could use our wifi while he's at their place 'cause my landlady and her husband live on the other side of our duplex so our wifi covers their unit just fine.

After the field trip,G would catch the bus to Kerrville and I would find a ride to pick him up at the bus station. I can't use the truck to get him because once the it's in camper mode it's hard to move it. It's deep in the campsite, the front is full of gear and the back is set up as my bedroom. But I'm sure I can find a way to get him.

G just called and said that staying with Fabion would be fine. So this may work.
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