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Big Folk -- The First Weekend

The first weekend of Kerrville was fun. G and I are home in Austin now so he can go to school. We'll go back to the ranch on Friday afternoon.

Getting G out to the ranch turned out to be a bit complex. It started out fine. G stayed at my neighbor's, went on the field trip and got to the bus station on time. But then it turned out that Greyhound wouldn't take him because he would have to change buses in San Antonio and they won't allow kids his age to do that. So he stayed another night at my neighbor's and I set up for a friend's brother to drive him out on Sunday morning. But the guy's rental car wouldn't start and the car people tried jumping the battery and then insisted on towing it to a mechanic who tried a bunch of stuff before the agency would give in and bring him a new car. So they didn't get going until late Sunday afternoon. But the drive went well and G got settled in just fine.

G's on staff this year. He works a full shift and gets staff shirts and perks. I'm pretty proud. I hope he likes it, but I've promised him tickets if he doesn't, he just has to give it a try. So far, he doesn't hate the work and he really likes the free sodas and smoothies. But he's only worked one shift. Next weekend he'll work two shifts and the weekend after that he'll work every night.
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