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We're back from Kerrville. We'll be going back out Wednesday evening and staying through until the end, which is next Monday. We may linger at the ranch until Tuesday, or we may be sick of it and run back home Monday night.

G still likes being on staff and is being quite responsible about his job.

This past weekend, one of the long-ago Kerr-kids, a guy who used to be a tiny tot and who is now is now the big burly head of Security, got married up on Chapel Hill. I was watching him at his wedding and remembering him as a kid, and I got to thinking of all the Kerr-kids who've grown up at the Festival. Some have moved on and no longer come but we get updates from their parents. Many others still come every year, and a fair number of them work on staff. I was thinking about Mike getting married and about G off working his shift and about Mike's nephew Shaun who was the ring barer, and all the people who form the Kerrville community. It really is a village. People get born, grow up, grow old and die. I didn't have any idea what I'd stumbled into when I went to my first festival. But I moved into my hometown that day and I've lived there ever since. Now, like so many kids before him, G is growing up there and it's a wonderful thing to watch.
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