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Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow...

I have anxiety today. It's about money. I'm pretty sure my plan is sound, but I'm spending a lot of money and it's stress inducing. My anxiety was precipitated by having to scramble a bit to cover a check. I'm within my (admittedly loose) budget, but I didn't figure to need more money in my checking account until Kerrville was over. I'm not broke or poor, just strapped for cash until I get settled on the land, get a job and my tenant starts paying rent. That should take three months at the max. But it's stressful right now.

I'm trying to focus on tomorrow evening when I'll be at Kerrville (probably in a rainstorm) listening to Michael Smith sing and all will be well. Here's the words to a Michael Smith song that Toby used to play just beautifully:

The Dutchman
by Michael Peter Smith
© Michael Peter Smith

The Dutchman's not the kind of man
To keep his thumb jammed in the dam
That holds his dreams in
But that's a secret only Margaret knows

When Amsterdam is golden in the morning
Margaret brings him breakfast
She believes him
He thinks the tulips bloom beneath the snow
He's mad as he can be but Margaret only sees that sometimes
Sometimes she sees her unborn children in his eyes

Let us go to the banks of the ocean
Where the walls rise above the Zuiderzee
Long ago, I used to be a young man
And dear Margaret remembers that for me

The Dutchman still wears wooden shoes
His cap and coat are patched with love
That Margaret sewed in
Sometimes he thinks he's still in Rotterdam
He watches tugboats down canals
And calls out to them when he thinks he knows the Captain
'Til Margaret comes to take him home again
Through unforgiving streets that trip him
Though she holds his arm
Sometimes he thinks that he's alone and calls her name


The windmills whirl the winter in
She winds his muffler tighter,
They sit in the kitchen
Some tea with whiskey keeps away the dew
He sees her for a moment, calls her name
She makes the bed up humming some old love song
She learned it when the tune was very new
He hums a line or two
They hum together in the night
The Dutchman falls asleep and Margaret blows the candle out.


Here's a picture of my camp (Camp Moco Verde) from a couple of years ago. It looks almost the same right at this very minute. I wish I was there.

Camp on a Lazy Day
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