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The Shapeshifter deck in the Path to a Goal layout

My tarot reading from the site Llewellyn's Web Tarot.

The Shapeshifter deck in the Path to a Goal layout.

I asked it WTF is up with this move to the land?


Burden in the Health position.

Hidden health; physical and emotional.

Be patient and prepare for the new cycle soon to be upon you. Stop wasting energy on useless relationships or projects.


Memories in the Health position.

Visible health; physical and emotional.

Acquaintances out of your past may be reentering your life soon. If their presence is undesirable, politely make the separation final; if pleasant, enjoy the reunion.


Abundance in the Attitude position.

Hidden mental attitude.

Riches of the body, mind, and spirit are at your fingertips. A healing will come as you communicate your positive emotions and feeling to someone close.


Sorrow in the Attitude position.

Visible mental attitude.

A time of great emotional upheaval and sorrow is at hand. This may be accompanied by quarrels and separations. There may be the bitter end of a relationship with recriminations by both parties. Take time and great care in making decisions.


Success in the Relationships position.

Hidden relationships.

Goals, plans, and dreams can now be fulfilled. Balance the incoming success and prosperity with spiritual study.


Seeker of Air: Cliodna in the Relationships position.

Visible relationships.

A time of renewal and beginnings, it is essential to listen to your inner voice and move in the direction it leads you. You may find yourself feeling totally exposed as you have nothing left to fear.


Legacy in the Career position.

Hidden career.

It is up to you how to implement and apply your energy and efforts in practical and tangible ways. Material success is indicated when you draw Legacy. You may become consciously aware of ancestral memory experiences.


Blindness in the Career position.

Visible career.

A choice must be made between two conflicting elements or issues that will become clear, most likely within two days, weeks or months. Like a snake shedding its old habits, you may now find yourself embracing a new path in life.


Charity in the Spirit position.

Hidden spiritual path.

Volunteer work, philanthropy, gifts, and justice are indicated. Allow yourself to follow your calling in life in work, play, spirituality, and personal relationships.


Happiness in the Spirit position.

Visible spiritual path.

A new, happy relationship is on the horizon; keep your eyes open and your common sense working. The success you have worked so hard for is now possible to attain.


Skill in the Outcome position.

Outcome of the present path.

Your state of consciousness is centered, and you no longer find the need to swing back and forth between polarities.

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