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I woke up a little before 5 am with a bad migraine that was getting worse. I took Zofran and Axert and applied an herbal headache-cure ointment I got at Kerrville.  The ointment seemed to be mostly menthol, like Ban-Gay or Vicks Vapo-Rub. My cat Chloe loved it and nuzzled my neck for a bit. Then I fell back to sleep.

The headache was much worse when I woke up around ten thirty. But thanks to the Zofran I didn't feel nauseous. So I made some coffee and ice cream. Then I snorted some salt water because my nasal passages were dry and if I use nasal Imitrex when my nose is dry, I get a sore throat. I took the Imitrex and then drank the coffee and ice cream. I started feeling better within a half an hour. Now my headache is gone, but I feel tired from the meds.

Even so, I'm going to be planting flowers here at the rent house to increase its "curb appeal" for my landlady. I bought a bunch of pretty plants off of the sale table at Lowes yesterday and they have been rehydrating all night. I'm excited about planting them. I think it will look really nice.

Oh, and just for my headache records, I had one bad and one medium headache at Kerrville this year.
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