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Then They Came For Me

As many of you know I am not an advocate of gun control. So the following video concerns me greatly. But it's not just about guns, it's about the government using an arbitrary list to impose restrictions on the citizens of the United States. At this point there are over a million names on the No Fly List and it's growing by 20,000 more names every month. All you have to do to get on the list is to piss off the wrong people. And, once you're on, it can be quite difficult to get your name off of the list.

All the evidence I've seen seems to show that the No Fly List is arbitrary and badly vetted. It's ridiculous that it's being used to prevent people from traveling just because someone with the same, or a similar, name is on the list. As it stands, the list allows the government to harass anyone wanting to fly, without any hope of redress or due process. Now they are considering expanding use of the list to restrict who can buy guns. Using such an unvetted source as a way to deny American citizens free exercise of their Constitutional rights is beyond ridiculous, it's downright scary.

What's next? Refusing to give people driver's licenses if their name is on the list?

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