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Still Pleased

I posted this in response to the question "What made you happy today?" over on TQC:

I was on vacation last week and I tried this thing called iFly where you can fly in a wind tunnel. All of my life, one of my deepest wishes has been to fly. And now I have.

I was happy all day thinking about how great the vacation was, and how I have realized a life-long dream that seemed impossible right up to the moment I stepped into that wind tunnel.

And the best part is that the reason I was there was to do something my kid wanted to do, see The Creature From The Black Lagoon -- The Musical, which sounded awful to me. (It ended up being pretty good.) I found the iFly site while I was planning the trip. If I hadn't gritted my teeth and agreed to do the trip and see the musical, I might never have flown. But I did and now I'm happy and satisfied in a deep-down kind of way that will last a long time, maybe forever.
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