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Quick! Hide Your Children! It's The President!

The vocal right wing micro-minority is upset because Obama is going to give a speech to school children telling them that it's important to get a good education. They are all over the Internet shrilling that everyone needs to keep their kids home from school that day lest they get "brainwashed" by Obama.

Here's a link to the Statesman article about the brouhaha: http://www.statesman.com/news/content/news/stories/local/2009/09/03/0903speech.html. Be sure to scroll down to the the reader's comment area.

And here's a link to a post being sent around to drum up fear because our president has the gall to tell our kids to stay in school and study hard: http://bytestyle.tv/content/indoctrination-alert-protect-your-kids-sept-8th.
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