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Little Folk

Little Folk was fun. I mostly hung out in camp with my campmate Liz. We had a great time doing plenty of nothing.

We did have a a bit of excitement Sunday afternoon. I saw water running through our camp. When I traced it, I found that it was coming out of a pipe in the new bathrooms just uphill from our campfire ring. This concerned me, so I pointed it out to my campmate Jack who is on Maintenance and he determined that it was raw sewage. He got on the radio instantly and got a repair crew right away. In the meantime I moved my and Liz's trucks and our stuff away from the area of the spill.

That night we went to bed thinking all was well. But when Liz woke up the next morning, more sewage was flowing. So she jumped out of bed and, in spite of the fact that the festival was over, found someone woth a radio and summoned help. Maintenance claims that they will have this fixed by the spring, but I plan to put a berm up to protect my camp. If this happened during Big Folk, it wouldn't be a stream of sewage, it would be a deluge.

Monday we packed up slowly and then drove to the apple store in Medina to eat some delicious apple ice cream and buy a second Big Tooth Maple tree for the land.

Then, after an easy drive home, we stopped for dinner at the Thai Noodle House on Guadalupe and then went home to bed.

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