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Tree Report

I found and potted two peach trees today. I dug up and potted two pecan trees during the rains last week. One of them may make it. The other one isn't dead yet, but it doesn't look very hopeful. A couple of weeks ago I bought some scraggly half-dead half-price Magnolia trees from Lowe's. They are starting to looking pretty healthy and may be ready to plant this fall. I dug up and potted five live oaks, two some-other-kind-of oaks and one peach tree last spring. All of them are doing just fine. I'll probably plant them out at the land this fall.

Meanwhile, out at the land, both of the planted live oaks and both of the planted red oaks are doing well. I also found a small bald cypress down by the river. It may be a volunteer, but I'm pretty sure it's one of the ones G and I planted a couple of years ago. I thought they had all gotten washed away in the flood later that summer, but maybe I was wrong. Wherever it came from, here is a picture of it:

Baby Bald Cypress By The River
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