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The Devil, It Seems, Is In The Details

My Week Of Hell should be over by Tuesday. My living room is still inaccessible so all of my stuff is crammed in my bedroom. Thursday night we slept at a motel. We were going to sleep on my Landlady's side of the duplex last night because it's clean and empty, but G fell asleep here. So I scrunched into a small space on the bedroom floor and tried not to roll over and squash my cats. In spite of everything I slept quite well and I feel pretty good.

Today some guys are coming to shoot texture stuff on the ceiling here at my rent house (they are already late) and a contractor is putting sheet vinyl flooring in the bathroom and kitchen in the good house at the land (I have to meet him in a little under an hour). Tomorrow is interior termite control here at the rent house and Monday is replace bathroom fixtures and some other minor plumbing stuff out at the land.

In addition, I bought a new deep-cycle battery for the trailer. I plan to put it in today Hopefully I won't wreck this one.
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