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The mess has been cleaned up here at my rent house. The cats are in the living room trying to figure out where they are. They've never seen it empty before.

G is passed out in his room. He said he was going to take a nap, but I think he's down for the night. EArly this afternoon, his friend's nice mom picked him up and they all rode bikes together and then checked out some of the East Austin Studio Tour. She dropped him off about 8, fed, happy and really tired. I owe her big time. She kept him the whole time I was cleaning the possible asbestos crud out of the living room.

And, while G was out, my nice landlady came, gave me some pie and helped me clean for over two hours.

The only bad part of today was that I thought the exterminator was coming at 9 this morning. At 10:30 G and I were bored of waiting and really hungry and we wanted to go out for breakfast. So I called my landlady and found out that he was coming at 12:30. G suggested that we go to Trudy's, so Rich met us there and we had a delightful brunch. When the exterminator did get there, he was nice and quite conscientious.

Now the ruckus here at my rent house is all over. The closing for the house is this week. I hope I like the new landlords, but I don't think any one could be better than Shana has been. Plus the new guys have made a bad first impression. They had a light tunnel installed on the other side of the duplex without asking Shana's permission. WTF is that all about? It's not their house yet. I hope I can get it together to get out of here soon. This does not seem like a good sign.

Tomorrow I deal with the plumbing fixtures at the land. Hopefully they can get the tub back in without damaging the new floor.
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