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The Details

So George-yard-hippie thinks the floor guys did a crummy job and that they scammed me. He gave me a well-meant stern talking to that kind of bummed me out because he may be right. Then, about an hour later, Owl, my tenant, called. She was very disappointed in the quality of the floor in the kitchen and really lit into me. So naturally I burst into tears. She apologized and I recovered. I realize now that I should be tougher and that she should have told me that her family had decided not to come for Thanksgiving. If I'd known I had more time I might have chosen better flooring. But it's done and it will work for now.

Of course I'm having trouble reaching the floor guy. Because it's a holiday weekend, I will be patient until the middle of next week. Then I will start reviewing the quality of his work on the Internet. The web gives us such power in this situation.

I'm meeting the plumber out at the land again today. Because the tub is antique and the hippies that took it out didn't know what they were doing, the reinstallation is being a bit complex. He figures to be done today. Then, starting this evening, I am declaring myself to be on vacation until Saturday, and even Sunday if I'm lucky.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.
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