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Play Time

The Omni Hotel is very nice, but my bed is uncomfortable. The roof-top hot tub is wonderful. The waitress remembered us from years of going to the Thanksgiving feasts here and comped our breakfast yesterday morning.

The concierge got us Esther's Follies tickets even though the show was sold out. Before the show, we had a delightful time walking along 6th street and looking in the stores. The show was really funny. G and I laughed and laughed. After the show we went to the Museum Of The Weird. It's a fun tiny museum with some fake, and maybe some real, mummies, two-headed animals, stuffed cryptids and other oddities. Then we went back to the hotel and I watched Law And Order until I fell asleep in my uncomfortable bed. I slept like a rock until room service showed up this morning with breakfast for three people(?!?). I was too sleepy to call down and say "WTF?" I guess I should do that now.

In about half an hour, we'll head down to the Chuy's Children Giving To Children Parade. It runs about two blocks from the hotel and G picked out two Transformers to donate. If we're lucky, we'll be back in time for one more dip in the rooftop hot tub. Check-out is at 2 pm. Then we head home to our empty living room and our wonderful kitties.
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