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BookPeople -- Be There Or Be Square

Tomorrow evening (Tuesday) at 7 pm, my friend Elizabeth Moon will be doing a reading and book signing for her new book, Oath of Fealty, at BookPeople, 603 North Lamar here in Austin. Oath of Fealty is a fantasy book based in the same universe that her Paksenarrion and Gird books took place in. This is fantasy at its finest and I recommend you all check out the book and come to the reading. (And G and I are actually mentioned by name in the forward to the book!)

You can read the first book in her Paksenarrion series online at http://www.webscription.net/10.1125/Baen/0671654160/0671654160.htm.

One of the many great things about Elizabeth's books is that she takes her research seriously and it shows in her writing. For example, Elizabeth is an experienced swordswoman. So when her characters cross swords, she knows from whence she speaks writes.

A Woman and Her Sword 
Elizabeth Moon with her broadsword (which I think is named Stet).
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