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Knock Knock! [Apr. 8th, 2010|03:03 pm]
Wizard of Changes -- ©cdozo 2004 to 2015
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So I was experimenting with wearing masks while cruising chatroulette when my phone rang. It was announcing the number of the person calling and I didn't want the person on the other end of chatroulette to hear the number. So I tried to answer the phone quickly while fumbling with the computer and taking the the current mask off (a paper mask held on with a knit cap). I wish I had a video of the whole thing, it would be quite LOL worthy.

I finally managed to answer the phone and discovered that it was a nice woman calling from the Census Bureau to offer me a job. So...Yehaw! I'm going to be an enumerator! And I'll have flexible hours and make a good hourly wage. I start training later this month...I have to get an outfit for that. Then I'll be off ringing doorbells, taking notes and getting paid by the hour. Go me!

On a side note, no one on chatroulette will stop to chat with me when I have a mask on. I actually got banned from the site for five minutes because too many people hit Block when they saw me in a fencing mask. No one would talk to me when I wore a paper mask either, even when I drew a smile on it. But when I wore the paper mask I didn't get banned. I'm going to try some other masks before I give up on the idea. I'd like to see how people interact with me when they don't know anything about me except that I'm human. We chatrouletted with a guy in a mask a couple of days ago, and I thought it was really interesting the chat with someone that you couldn't see. Now I know how long he must have been waiting before we stopped to chat with him.

[User Picture]From: e_moon60
2010-04-10 05:11 am (UTC)
I wouldn't even attempt a random chat...and I wouldn't chat with anyone in a mask. This may be because of my strong aversion to people hiding their identity, as (in my background) a lot of them were hiding it because they were about to do something violent. KKK wear those hoods. People who rob banks and convenience stores wear ski masks and stuff.

I can kind of understand it as a game, like at a costume ball or something, and in junior high at a costume dance I did have a small mask on my glasses, but as I was the tallest girl and everyone knew it, and the glasses were also a giveaway--it wasn't really a disguise. But for anything else--it gives me a bad feeling and I don't want to interact with someone in a hood or mask.
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