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Say What?

A former police officer was convicted on Thursday of lying about a confrontation with a bicyclist who was participating in a Critical Mass bike rally in Times Square in 2008 — a collision that was videotaped and became a viral presence on the Internet.

The officer, Patrick Pogan, 24, who has since resigned from the Police Department, was found guilty of one count of offering a false instrument for filing; he was acquitted of assault.

More at http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/30/nyregion/30pogan.html#

Watch ex-officer Patrick Pogan not commit an assault on the bicycle rider. Consider what would happen to someone who did the same thing to a bicycle cop. In fact, could this be a legal precident? Can this video and the officer's aquittal be used in court to prove that someone who similarly rams a cop off of a bicycle is not guilty of assaulting the officer?

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