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A Flash In The Pan?

It looks like my latest census gig may end much sooner than expected. It was supposed to last for two weeks, but I haven't been at it for a week and they seem to have run out of things to do. I'm disappointed because I was enjoying the work and looking forward to getting more money. Rumor has it there may be more work soon, but not everyone from this operation will get picked to do it. I hope I'm one of the chosen few. Highlights of this operation included seeing a plume moth on one person's door and a shield bug laying eggs on another person's door. Also finding my way into and around a humongous one-floor apartment building, and, in a different complex, having a pissed off fellow call the cops on me while continuing to answer my questions. He gave me enough information that I managed to finish up and leave before the police arrived.

On a totally unrelated subject, it was hotter in Westport, CT than it was in Austin, TX today. 
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