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Out Of Many, One

I posted the same reply on two different people's Facebook pages today. I liked it enough that I decided to post it here:

Michael, all liberals don't think the same way and we don't have a secret agenda. I am a hard-core Obama-supporting liberal who is completely opposed to gun control, and I know many Obama supporting liberals who feel the same way. But there are manipulative people from the extremes of both parties who are trying (and in many cases succeeding) to drive a wedge between people in the US by convincing them that all XXXX think This Abhorrent Thought That Will Destroy America Unless We Stop Them. They propagate the idea that what the XXXX's want to have happen is so terrible that you have no common ground with them so your only hope is to smear everything they say and never ever actually listen to them. 

What we really need is more communication, not less. The passion people on both sides feel comes from a love of our country and I believe that everyone has a part of the truth. If we communicate and politely share what we know and what we think can be done, we can do great things. The founders weren't ever all in agreement about almost anything. We've been a scrappy people from the git-go. Our scrappiness is a big part of what Makes America Great. But it only works if each side is actually listening to, and thinking about, what the other side is saying and if both sides are willing to compromise. It's the divisive folks who say that "all XXXX's think alike and are always wrong so no one should ever listen to them" who are damaging America. People need to start actually listening and working together like the founders did not so long ago and not so far away.
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