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Silly Post [Oct. 27th, 2010|07:00 pm]
Wizard of Changes -- ©cdozo 2004 to 2015
[The frogs are singing |G figureing stuff out on the keyboard.]

Africa Looking Like An Alien

Africa looks like an alien looking sideways to the right with the little yellow dot as its eye.

This is NOT my graphic. It's cropped from an image that was at http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/

[User Picture]From: ndozo
2010-10-28 04:46 am (UTC)
Racist! Xenophobe!
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[User Picture]From: cdozo
2010-10-28 04:57 am (UTC)

It's Not Like That

But I like green. And I always thought that Kermit was the coolest one of the Muppets.

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