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Something's wrong with my left shoulder. It started after I went to bed last night. I sleep on my side, and when I lay down, it hurt to lie on my left side because my shoulder hurt. But it also hurt to lay on my right side because the muscles holding my left shoulder hurt. It hurt to lay in my back and I just can's sleep on my stomach. So I was up until about 4:30 trying to find a way to get comfortable. I didn't find it, I just go so tired that I fell asleep in spite of the discomfort.

When I woke up my shoulder still hurt. I thought maybe the cold was part of the problem because we just had a big cold front blow through last night. So I cranked up the heat and kept a warm shirt on and massaged my shoulder, but that didn't help.  I also thought it may be due to a low-grade external ear infection, so I put some Neosporin and vinegar/alcohol ear drops in my ear to try and fix that and I took some Aleve (Naproxen) which is an anti-inflammatory. When the Aleve kicked in I lay down and fell right asleep. I slept for a couple of hours, which certainly helped my mood, but my shoulder still hurts. Fortunately it hurts a lot less thanks to the Aleve. With luck the Neosporin will cure the underlying cause and all will be well. If it doesn't, I'll be whining about this again tomorrow.

Oh and for you medical folks, I did consider early on that the pain could be from a heart attack, but it's not. It's very localized and position dependent. Also, I have no other heart attack symptoms. But I will keep paying attention, just in case that changes.
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