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A lot was lost to give us what we have today and it would be a waste of it all if we only remember the loss and let it make us sad. 

I'm thankful for friends and family and my amazing country. It may have grown out of misdeeds, some well intentioned and some not. But that's not unique, it's been the same story throughout history. People striving to make their lives better, push other people out of the way, often with terrible results. Hopefully we can outgrow this pattern. I believe we can. 

Today is the day to celebrate that we have what so many people on both sides suffered and died for. For a moment we get to rest, to smile, and to rejoice that we have enough, so we don't have to worry. I wish everyone in the world could join in, but they can't and that's sad. It would be even sadder if nobody, anywhere, ever celebrated freedom from need. Hopefully the bounty we have will expand to cover more and more people, year after year until nobody fears hunger or need and everybody joins in to give thanks. But for now, this is a special day to celebrate the fact that freedom from need is possible and to give thanks to everyone and everything that got us this far. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

(I wrote this as a reply to a facebook post by my friend Amy. She posted a link to a sad poem about some of the US's misdeeds. This was my reply.)
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