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Hey Guys, I'm Home

curculio is back posting on Live Journal. I had been thinking that when I got better Internet access, I would start back posting. So because Rich is back and because I now have a 4G wifi hotspot that gives me unlimited Internet access, here I am.

I'm at Kerrville. It's been very pleasant. I'm back on staff, working with the Kerrhistory Crew. We have a booth with a huge map of the ranch, a listening station where you can listen to stories about past Kerrville adventures and events, a memorial area that has photos of Kerrverts who've had the audacity to die, a retail area where we trade objects for "donations," an area where with info about the Teen's Music Camp and the bricks with names on it, and an area with novelties, pictures of critters and other stuff. Most of the design and building of the booths was done by Shannon, a neighbor in Camp Calm, the camp just downhill of my camp, Camp Moco Verde. Her husband, Tim Mason, is my crew leader. He's a poet who's written one of my favorite poems, Gently, Like Water, Cracking Stone. It's a nice crew and I like being on it. If you're curious about Kerrhistory, Ky Hote has set up a website for it. Here's a picture taken in the theater, just a little downhill from the Kerrhistory booth:


Here's a scorpion that was in the history booth. After I took this picture, I set it free in the field at the back of out booth.


And here's a picture of a tiny moth that was by the sink in the campground. It had a slight green tint to it that doesn't show up in the photo, but it was very beautiful.


Sorry there is no LJ cut to hide the pictures, but they've changed how it works and I can't get it to format right. I will figure it out soon.
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