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Dear Republicans -- the Democrats don't have any problem with people of all faiths praying in public or in private. This is not an issue. You may celebrate your faith and your holidays as you see fit. The people claiming that your right to pray is in jeopardy are playing you folks for fools. The people who started that rumor are using fear to try and goad you into voting the way they want. Please remove your blinders and look around. Many Democrats are practicing Christians. And, as is true of most Republicans, most Democrats have no designs on your right to worship as you see fit. So please don't give into fear mongers whose only goal is to use false rumors to keep Americans divided and afraid of each other.

And, on a lighter note, here's a picture of a fly pretending to be a bee:

2012-07-24 - Bee or Bee Mimic - 18-11-58_132_2
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