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Hotel Reservations Are This Tuesday

Regular (non-earlybird) Comic-Con Hotel reservations are this Tuesday, February 26, at 9:00 AM Pacific Time - http://www.comic-con.org/cci/hotels.

The competition for rooms is as pretty much as tight as the competition for badges, but you don't find out if you succeeded for a few days. Just have your list of hotel choices ready and register as fast as you can. If they do it like the last couple of years, the hotels are on a pull-down menu and you pull down to select one, then another and so on until you're done. You also need the usual info like your credit card number and such.

There are some new rules, including:

• In an effort to equalize the amount of time each participant spends on the request form, a total of 6 hotel choices will be required. No participant can provide more, or less, than 6 hotel choices.

• Once confirmed, all hotel reservations will require a deposit of two night’s room and tax for each room booked. This will encourage people to release unwanted rooms in advance so people on the wait list can reserve them.

Good luck everyone!
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