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My Speech to the Texas Legislature's State Affairs Committee Hearing on HB2

I start to speak at about 1:26. Here's what I said:

Hi, my name is Carol Cdozo. I am against the bill and I represent myself. I would like to thank you for holding these hearings. I have friends on both sides of this issue and I appreciate this exchange of ideas and that all of the people here tonight are passionate about the future of Texas.

My family has been in the United States for many generations. They settled in New York City back before the American Revolution, back when the Dutch still called it New Amsterdam. They fought in the American Revolution and have been involved in American government for many generations. One of my cousins, Emma Lazarus, wrote The New Colossus, the poem that is on the Statue of Liberty. Another cousin, Benjamin Cdozo served as a justice on the United States Supreme Court. My family has always believed in freedom, including freedom of speech freedom of choice and freedom of religion. My family's history is one of the many threads in the history of the United States, they have fought for and worked for this country since the start. My ancestors were Jewish when they first arrived, and we are not, and have never been, Christians.

The supporters of this bill have presented the bill as if it presents the only possible option in terms of how to regulate women's health clinics here in Texas. But there are other solutions the would be less detrimental to Texas women and the women's health system, but they would probably require more funding. Even so, I would think that people who consider themselves pro-life would support having women's health clinics in places where there are no other health care options for low-income women.

Regardless of what has been said, the outcome of this bill will be to remove many low-income women's access to safe and legal abortions. In the process it will also remove their access to prenatal care as well as screening for endometriosis, fibroid tumors and also breast, cervical and ovarian cancer. All of this to somehow “protect women's health.”

Make no mistake, this bill is not about protecting women's health, it's about religion. It's a way for a subset of Christians to try and force other people to live according to a set of rules based on system of beliefs that the other people don't adhere to.

But America is not a theocracy. Anti-Choice Christians have the right to make their choice based on their belief-system and that is fine, but it is not right for them to try and force other people to comply with their rules by creating laws that are based on their specific interpretation of the Christianity, or any other, religion. Religious law, be it Sharia law or any other religion-based law, has no place in American law.

Thank you very much.

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