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Wizard of Changes -- ©cdozo 2004 to 2015

Putting the Draw In Drawbridge

Drawbridges are cool. This bridge is on the Metro North rail line in my hometown in Connecticut. I have a vague memory of having a drawbridge opened for a boat I was on and going under it back when I was a kid. It was probably the little bridge that's in the background of this video.

I never considered the complexity of opening a drawbridge on a rail line, especially a rail line that runs on electricity.

A lot of people's lives depend on the guys in this video doing their job correctly. I like how the one guy crosses himself when the job is complete. I see that gesture both as giving thanks, and as calling for protection of the mechanical parts and the people who rely on them for safe passage.

Tags: bridge, drawbridge, saugatuck, video, westport

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