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Pandora's Apple

viverra2 weighing in with her take on the Apple vs FBI controversy, has encouraged me to put in my own 2 cents. I've posted the following in a couple of other places on the web in the past couple of days.

It's not possible to crack the password on just one iPhone -- so by ordering Apple to break into that phone, the government demanding software that will enable them, and anyone else who gets that software, to hack into every iPhone out there. And once that hack is created, it is bound to get into the hands of other groups and countries throughout the world, and not all of those groups will have good intentions. A citizen's right to privacy is there for a reason. Yes, it can present obstacles for law enforcement, but it is a very important right and it needs to be protected. It was put there by the Founding Fathers to protect us during those times that our government gets too self-important and overzealous. Whenever the government attempts to erode our right to privacy, they are attempting to damage the fundamental structure of our country. Apple is right to fight this -- they are the heroes in this story.
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