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Apropos of Nothing

I think I might want this song, All La Glory by The Band, to be played at my funeral. But maybe not. It's very sweet, but it might make people too sad, and I really don't care what happens at my funeral anyway. But this would be a sweet funeral song for somebody's funeral. Click the link above to hear the song. (Just so you know, I'm not feeling like I'm gonna die, I just rediscovered this song a couple of weeks ago via my Youtube playlist, and I've been enjoying listening to it.)

All La Glory

I wanna hear pitter patter
Climb up your ladder, now
It's time for you to dream away
'Cause for a big day that you've been through
You've done all the things that you wanted to do

All la glory, I'm second story
Feel so tall like a prison wall

I'm lookin' for a star bright
To shine down your light, now
And keep the little one safe and warm
'Cause to her it's just a fantasy
And to me it's all a mystery

All la glory, I'm second story
Feel so tall like a prison wall

And before the leaves all turn brown
Before they fall to the ground
You will find the harmony, wait and see

Listen to the serenade
Little girl, promenade, now
You've got the sunshine in your hand
And maybe on a one sweet day
You'll walk that Milky Way

All la glory, I'm second story
Feel so tall like a prison wall that tall


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