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SXSW 2016

I've been working as a volunteer at SXSW here in Austin this week. It's been a long week of 9-hour work-days, plus early rising and a commute that involves driving to the bus and then riding in. But it was fun. The work was fairly easy and engaging and the people were nice. In exchange for working, I have a badge to the Interactive and Film portions of the convention.

I got free T-shirts:



And free food -- P Terry's veggie burgers are the best!:


I guarded an elevator:


I missed a cool keynote speech because I was working:


I liked the view from my post at the elevator:


There is cool stuff to see by the Convention Center:


And there's a Ferris wheel downtown - Rides are restricted to badge holders, and I have a badge! I plan to ride it today or tomorrow:


But it's going to be crowded -- this is yesterday's registration line -- so I'm going to get going now.


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