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South By Sooo Sleepy

SXSW is fun but exhausting.

I listened to a couple of speakers, and they were ok, but I wanted to see cool stuff. So I wandered into the Comcast Lounge where I got to try a comfortable VR headset that showed me a fun 360° view of a NASCAR race -- from the stands, to the pit crew, to inside of a car during a crash. Visually it was pretty fun, but the audio from the headphones should have been better.

Me -- SXSW Virtual Reality 2 -- IMG_20160312_172518131

Then I met up with my friend Vicki and she told me about a parade of giant puppets that was going to happen on 6th Street. I'm glad she told me, it was amazing.

Later, I went to the Mr. Robot party where I rode the Ferris wheel and got a free T-Shirt. I was disappointed that I didn't get a mask, but the T-shirt it very cool and I had a great time. WARNING - turn your sound down low, this video is loud, but you want to hear the music.

Then I waited about an hour at the bus stop while the CapMetro app kept claiming that the bus would be there any second. Lucky for me, there was a rooftop party with a great DJ right next door and the people watching was top notch, so I was happily entertained while I waited.

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